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A heat press machine is utilized for imprinting designs onto materials by applying high temperatures and pressure, ensuring a permanent embedment of the design. In heat transfer printing, a design is initially printed in reverse onto a special release paper using plastisol-based ink.

The printed image is then placed against the intended substrate, such as a T-shirt or bag, and subjected to elevated temperature and pressure for a brief duration. Once the substrate cools, the release paper is peeled away, leaving the transferred image on the substrate.

Pros of heat transfer:

  1. Cost-effective for small print runs, with no minimum order requirements.
  2. Allows for individualized names or numbers without substantial setup costs.
  3. Enables the production of full-color designs with intricate details at a reasonable cost.

Cons of heat transfer:

  1. Not as durable as screen printing, with the potential for cracking and fading over time.
  2. Results in a rubbery feel to the touch.
  3. Becomes expensive for large quantities or a considerable number of garments.

Similar to silk screen, we offer a diverse range of special heat press options to add a touch of uniqueness to your prints. For those seeking an extraordinary printing experience, our special heat press options include Metallic, Reflector, Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D), Silicone, and Flock.

Metallic presents a distinctive choice where metallic material is utilized instead of PU White material. This option is particularly suitable for designs incorporating gold or silver colors, as printing these hues directly on PU White or a standard heat press may not be feasible.

Reflector lives up to its name, offering a popular choice among our customers to enhance the special quality of their personalized items.

Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D) for heat press differs from its Silk Screen Printing counterpart in that it doesn't involve ink but rather employs a special material designed to glow in the dark.

Silicone and Flock provide a 3D printing feel to your personalized items, elevating the tactile experience of your prints.

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