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Laser engraving, employing precision lasers, intricately etches detailed designs on various surfaces, offering a modern and durable customization method for applications from personalized gifts to industrial marking, blending technology and artistic finesse.

Steps and Process of Laser Engraving


Step 1 Cleaning

Start by thoroughly cleaning the tumbler to remove any dust or particles. Check for plastic or coated paint; if present, apply temporary laser-protecting paint, which can be removed after engraving.


Step 2  Measurement

Accurately measure the tumbler, emphasizing the importance of precision as incorrect measurements cannot be rectified. Count all corners and sides, providing instructions to the cutter accordingly.


Step 3 Adjusting Settings

Configure the engraver's settings based on the design, considering variables such as laser power and speed, which depend on the design's complexity and material thickness. Default settings can be preferred.


Step 4 Place Item on Rotary

Secure the tumbler onto the rotary roller, adjusting the laser engraver's height and focus lever for maximum precision. Click start to initiate the engraving process.


Step 5 – Waiting & Post-Processing

Once the laser engraving is finished, allow some time before retrieving the tumbler. If temporary paint was applied, it can now be removed, completing the process successfully.

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