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Silkscreen printing is a stenciling technique that involves applying ink through stencils, commonly known as screens. Screens play a pivotal role in the silkscreen printing process, resembling an artist's canvas as they are tightly stretched over frames.

The fundamental printing process entails pushing ink through a stencil onto paper using a squeegee, a rubber blade that matches the screen's width. This action, known as "pulling," requires precision, as each color must be printed in the same location and sequence for every print to mirror the original.

Artists custom mix inks, aligning them with the colors of the original design and the desired hue and value. Our color palette is based on Pantone colors, offering a wide range of possibilities. Each color requires a separate screen, contributing to the meticulous and layered nature of the silkscreen printing process.

Multiple color printing in silkscreen requires the use of separate screens for each color. While the process remains fundamentally similar to single-color printing, it involves repeating the steps multiple times, with a distinct screen employed for each color. This ensures that each hue is accurately applied to the designated areas, allowing for the creation of vibrant and intricate multicolored prints.

CMYK screen printing is a four-color printing process designed to reproduce full-color artwork. The colors employed in CMYK screen printing are Cyan (Blue), Magenta (Red), Yellow, and Black. An additional white color is used when printing on black T-shirts.

This method of screen printing offers a viable option for achieving multi-color prints. Particularly effective for artworks with subtle tones, the CMYK screen printing technique is preferred in such cases to ensure accurate color representation and a high-quality outcome.

We not only offer conventional printing but also a range of special methods to make your designs stand out and be truly unique.

Glitter is a silk screen printing technique that literally adds a layer of glitter to your prints, enhancing the visual appeal after the initial normal printing.

Gradient is ideal for logos or designs with multiple tones. In a single pull, this method seamlessly incorporates multiple colors, creating a smooth gradient effect.

Gold and Silver Metallic printing adds a touch of sophistication by incorporating either gold or silver metallic elements. This one-color process is perfect for those looking to create a striking and distinguished appearance.

Glow In The Dark (G.I.T.D) is a distinctive printing method that gives your designs the ability to glow in the dark, provided they have been exposed to and absorbed enough light. This adds an intriguing and eye-catching element to your prints.

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